Wild Type Stocks

Wild Type Stocks genus and species chart

U.S. Map showing origins of Wild Type Stocks P. maniculatus bairdii P. leucopus P. polionotus subgriseus P. aztecus P. melanophrys P. eremicus P. californicus

P.maniculatus bairdii
(BW Stock)

Deer Mouse
Closed colony bred in capitivity since 1948.
Decended from 40 ancestors wild-caught near Ann Arbor, Michigan.
P. maniculatus sonoriensis
(SM2 Stock)
Sonoran Deer Mouse
Derived from about 50 animals wild-caught by Jack Hayes in 1995 near White Mountain Research Station, CA.

P. polionotus subgriseus
(PO Stock)
Oldfield Mouse

Closed colony since 1952.
Derived from 21 ancestor wild-caught in Ocala National Forest. High inbreeding coefficient.
P. leucopus
(LL Stock)
White-footed or Wood Mouse
Derived from 38 wild ancestors captured between 1982 and 1985.
P. californicus insignis
(IS Stock)
California Mouse

Derived from about 60 ancestors collected between 1979 and 1987 in Santa Monica Mts., CA. 

P. aztecus hylocetes (PDF)
(AM Stock)
Aztec Mouse

Derived from animals collected on Sierra Chincua Michoacan, Mexico in 1986. 
P. melanophrys xenerus
(XZ Stock)
Plateau Mouse
Derived from animals collected between 1970 and 1978 from Zacatecas, Mexico and bred by R. Hill.
P. eremicus
(EP Stock)
Cactus Mouse
Originated from 10-12 animals collected at Tucson, AZ in 1993.
P. maniculatus X P. polionotus
(F1 Hybrids)
Available upon request.

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Limited numbers of other stocks, species, mutants and variants are on hand, or under development, but are not currently available for distribution. For additional information or details about any of these mutants and stocks, contact: Janet Crossland, colony Manager, 803-777-3107 or 777-1212.

Preserved or frozen specimens of types listed.

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