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Hippokratis Kiaris
Director 2015-present

Gabor Szalai
Director 2015
Associate Director 2006-2015

Michael Felder
Director 2006-2015

Michael J. Dewey
Director 2000-2006

Wallace D. Dawson
Director 1985-1999

Shayne Barlow
Director of Animal Resources
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Welcome to the new PGSC Director, Hippokratis Kiaris

Over the last several years, animals of the genus Peromyscus (deer mice) have been increasingly appreciated as the animal model of choice for the study of various physiological and pathological conditions and phenomena. Such areas of research at which Peromyscus have a high value as experimental organisms range from ecology to physiology and behavior, and from cancer to aging.

In an attempt to assist users of Peromyscus, the University of South Carolina has maintained the Peromyscus colony since 1962 that eventually developed into the Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center (PGSC) in 1985. Now, with the support of the National Science Foundation, besides providing genetically characterized types of Peromyscus to scientific investigators, the PGSC serves as a focal point for various research activities related to Peromyscus.

We welcome you to browse the PGSC web site and to contact us with your suggestions and ideas.

Hippokratis Kiaris PhD
Director, Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center


Peromyscus -deer mouse name gossy


The Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center is supported in part by NSF grant DBI-1349230