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June 2014 - The Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center has just received funding from the National Science Foundation for three years.

Since 1985, the deer mouse colony at the University of South Carolina has been designated a genetic stock center under a grant from the Special Projects Program of the National Science Foundation and a P40 grant from the National Institutes of Health.  The major function of the Stock Center is to provide genetically characterized types of Peromyscus in limited quantities to scientific investigators.  Continuation of the center is dependent upon significant external utilization, therefore potential users are encouraged to take advantage of this resource.  Sufficient animals of the mutant types generally can be provided to initiate a breeding stock.  Some what larger numbers, up to about 50 animals, can be provided from the wild-type stocks.


Peromyscus -deer mouse name gossy

A user fee of $32.00 per wild-type animal and $42.00 per mutant or other special types is charged. The user assumes the cost of air shipment. Animals lost in transit are replaced without charge. Tissues, blood, skins, etc. can also be supplied at a modest fee. Arrangements for special orders will be negotiated. Schedule of User Fees (pdf)

We now offer genotyping to distinguish P. maniculatus from P. leucopus please contact us for details.

The Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center is supported by NSF grant DBI-1349230 and NIH grant P40 OD010961